Project & Infrastructure Development in Africa

Situated in South Africa, Baobab Africa is a project and infrastructure development company that specialises in end to end solutions to a wide range of infrastructure, architectural and urban design projects. Committed to contributing towards the wealth of opportunity and growth across the continent, we provide a complete service ranging from project origination all the way through to development.

Recognising the need for a built environment that supports the social and economic growth of countries across Africa, Baobab works with governments, investors, communities and other stakeholders to provide a start to finish solution that drives genuine change.

Deal Origination

We have the capacity to structure deals of various sizes and walk hand in hand with the client from inception to completion.

Project Implementation

Our organisation ensures honesty in design and implementation of all projects from inception to completion.

Project Management

We have the capability to ensure successful monitoring and evaluation of projects we are engaged with at all stages.

A Positive Legacy

While our primary goal lies in delivering infrastructure that meets even the most stringent of quality goals, according to time and budget constraints, we also continually strive to give back to our communities wherever possible. We leave a positive legacy in the communities we assist, using a portion of profits to give back to communities with the creation of libraries, schools and other empowerment projects.


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Our Project & Infrastructure Development Solutions

As the demand for cost-effective homes, energy, road networks and services continues to grow, the need for sustainable infrastructure development solutions also grows. Seeing a way to meet such a demand, Baobab offers a bespoke solution that offers a number of unique benefits.


We work with governments and other stakeholders to identify bulk infrastructure projects ranging from housing all the way to power transmission and road construction.


We ensure that all projects are delivered within budget and within time frames to ensure that all work is done in a way that is cost and time-efficient.


We handle all aspects of development on each project we undertake, from financing and investment to development and implementation.


We are able to take equity in transaction, selling at financial close and taking ultimate responsibility for every aspect of the project, no matter how big or small.

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