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Committed to contributing towards the wealth of opportunity and growth across the continent, we provide a complete service ranging from project origination all the way through to development.

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Deal origination

Baobab Africa has the expertise to structure projects from inception to completion.
Baobab Africa’s deal origination strategy includes advising clients on all processes required to ensure the
success of a project including project financing which we consider a very integral part of the project.

Project Implementation

Baobab Africa values its relationships with its client through a rigorous project implementation strategy.
This process involves a high quality interrogation of all the stages involved in the project in order to realize an honest and efficient
design. Our implementation strategy also involves the client engagement in all stages.

Project management

Our strength in project management lies in our capacity to handle projects of all sizes. Baobab Africa ensures that all projects,
regardless of size, are managed in the highest quality in order to ensure efficiency and quality. A significant part of our management strategy
is to ensure that empowerment of the locals is achieved in all project we undertake.

Latest Projects

Lamu Port Infrastructure, Kenya

This is an infrastructure project by the government of Kenya for the expansion of port services in Lamu, the coastal region of Kenya.

Runda Residence, Kenya

The design follows an interpretation of Islamic Architecture within the realm of 21st-century design in the Runda suburbs of Nairobi, Kenya.

Runda Villas, Kenya

Runda Villas is a project that involved the design and construction of 4 contemporary villas within the suburbs of Runda in Nairobi, Kenya.

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